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The business of the "American Home Improvement Zone" is the business of every American man, woman, and child who happens to reside herein. These incidences of home maintenance and improvement fraud will never be totally eradicated, nationally. However, they can be dramatically reduced and/or completely banished from your home and the rest of your property.
We believe that a great part of our being is home. Wherever we journey in the world, we normally have our minds on returning to the best wonder of them all. 

This being the case, what we do not need all the extras in terms of residential contractors whose insincerity is so deeply ingrained that our homes and our funds are pillaged. In such events. what God designs to be our refuge and our abode becomes our house of horrors. This should not be. This website is especially queued to share information online to help stave off all probability of your home's stability, safety, and security being jeopardized by the chicanery of seedy relatives and residential contractors.


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Please, contact us with any questions, concerns, issues, and /or comments relative to your home maintenance and improvement experience! 

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